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With our Contactless Business Cards, you’ll have a custom mini-website that can be shared anytime, anywhere! Gone are the days of handing out germy paper business cards. Our DigiCard lets you promote yourself and the company you work for while reducing health risks across your workforce and sales teams.


Choose a design and order your digital card.
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Ever since I had my digital business card created, it’s easier to share contact information when meeting people. Being able to share it on different platforms is very convenient for me and my clients. I would recommend this to everyone, especially those who keep forgetting their paper business cards. A smart business card is the way to go!


“Smart Business Cards Are The Way to Go”
As a social media personality, most of my projects begin with virtual meetings. I can’t stress enough how perfect having a digital business card with social media is. I can easily share my link and even track the people who viewed them. I love that Tulumi made mine sassy and classy at the same time.
“Awesome Business cards with social media”
This is the best business card app! It gave our salon a professional yet chic lay-out. We can share our contact details online easily with our prospective clients. It gave us very positive results!
Nancy – A Cut Above
“Best Business Card App”
I’ll never look at virtual business cards the same way ever again. With DigiCard, I no longer have to carry my printed business card and brochure. I can use it as my contact card and promo flyer at the same time.
Carl – RE/MAX
“Virtual Business Card Like No Other”

Our Digital Business Cards App Features

With our digicard business card app, you get more than just an info page, you’ll enjoy all these features to increase brand awareness, boost customer loyalty, and generate leads.

Quick Social Links

Easy access buttons to your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more!


Compatible with computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

Modern Design

Stand out from other businesses with sophisticated and tech-savvy virtual business cards.

Higher Lead Generation

Capture new leads with our follow-up feature.


Safely share with your prospects or clients when you’re meeting in person, over Zoom, or on teleconferences.

Faster Referrals

Wherever your clients are, they can share your electronic business cards in just one tap.

Speak Your Brand

E-business cards are easily customized to match your brand.

Voice Introduction

With an option to add your own recorded introduction that plays as your client explores your DigiCard.


In the post-COVID-19 world, handshakes and handing out germy paper business cards are frowned upon. It’s nearly impossible to do so with most meetings happening virtually, and actual ones are limited to waves and nods.

With our contactless digital business card app, you and your team can safely share your contact information with your prospects and clients after teleconferences, during Zoom meetings, and short physical encounters.

In just one click, people can save your information, view your social profiles, and check your services and products without the health risk from physical contact.

Our electronic business cards is the best marketing tool for realtors, salespeople, businessmen, and other professionals.

Continue to grow your business, risk-free!


DigiCard is essentially an upgraded version of your traditional business card, only way better. It’s an interactive landing page that allows you to store all of your essential information — from contact details to appointment options, to products and services. What makes this electronic business card app so special is that you can share it by text, email, airdrop, or pretty much any other way you can think of.
  • Instantly increases your online presence.
  • Easily distribute your information.
  • No worry of running out of paper cards ever again.
  • You will never lose your digital business card.
  • Customized design that reflects your brand.
  • Store all of your information in one place.
No need to stress. We offer free Zoom trainings! We can take you on a virtual tour of our DigiCards. Just let us know, we are here to help.
Each year, your digital business account is renewed with the same price you purchased with. With our price guarantee, we promise to never raise your price even if the product price increases for new buyers on our page.
Yes! We have group pricing at a discounted rate. Please check out our pricing page.
You get a beautiful contactless business card designed with your logo and colors. You will always have free revisions and enhancements to your digital business card.
With our ongoing subscription, we maintain the web server, provide a personalized online domain name, offer free enhancements or revisions, and provide unlimited customer support.
When uploading your info, you have the option to include your voice recording. This can be a personal introduction or other details not included in your Digicard which you would like your client to know. The personal voice recording is an added feature for only $50.
Yes! We are excited to announce our affiliate partner program. You will receive your own personal link to market the digital biz card and for every card you sell you’ll receive $10!
Yes. Since it’s an e-business card app, you are sharing your card from device to device so it completely removes the risk of handling something that someone else has touched.


Share your business card in one tap! No need to install an app! All you need is our smart business card. Ready to make a great first impression? Check out our store now.

If you have more questions on how our smart business cards can help your brand build a good reputation, fill in the contact form below.
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