What is a Digital Business Card?

Business cards have been prominent in the corporate and professional world for centuries. Their primary purpose? To share and exchange contact information in an easy, efficient manner. Having a handy business card that shows all your relevant contact details is a good way to announce your business and likely to continue the conversation with prospects later.

In today’s digital era, however, the way we connect with one another has rapidly evolved. We can now hold fully interactive meetings without being in the same room, and it’s easier than ever to work remotely. Unsurprisingly, newer technologies like digital business cards have surged in popularity.

What is the big deal about digital business cards?

Digital business cards serve the same purpose as paper business cards — to connect with potential customers and expand the reach of your brand awareness. The main difference here is that digital business cards are designed to be more efficient and cost-effective.

Think about it; the quickest way to reach your target audience is through their mobile phones. They have it on them pretty much all the time, after all. So it only makes sense to share your business cards where people are most likely to see them.

Most of us are signed in to various platforms on any given day (Linkedin, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc). Imagine being able to connect with all those prospects across each channel with a few simple clicks.

Advantages of Taking Your Business Cards Digital

1. They are unique, and therefore more memorable

Digital business cards allow you to customize the recipient’s experience. For instance, you can create a lasting first impression by including a short video clip in your business card.

No matter how attractive a paper business card can be, the fact that it is limited in its functionality means you’re better off going digital.

2. They are easy to create and edit

Paper business cards require special printers to create. In order to balance the costs of the printing, businesses often have to print out the cards in bulk. Here’s the problem with that — what if there’s a typo somewhere on the card? Or you need to update the contact details? Imagine the costs and effort required to pull that off.

You won’t come across such issues with a digital business card. Edit the design and information as many times as you’d like and have the cards ready to share in a matter of minutes. Plus, you can be sure they won’t cost as much either.

3. They expand your business’s digital footprint

Your business can never have too much online presence. More so, if it’s a startup or a small business and you don’t have a robust marketing budget. Since your digital business cards are readily available and easily shared across the web, they become an extension of your business’s digital footprint.

The best part is when you share a digital business card, the recipient can easily re-share it with their own network. This can go on and on, reaching more people and letting them engage with your brand.

4. They minimize waste and are good for the environment

How many paper business cards do you usually print? How many of them actually bring you leads? Most of us have business cards just accumulating dust somewhere in our bags or desk drawers. They’re just wasting away and we’ll probably never use them.

With digital business cards, you never have to worry about printing too many copies and using up so much paper. A single copy is all you need. You can share as many times as necessary and no trees will be harmed in the process of creating the cards.

How to Use a Digital Business Card

Use it as you would a paper business card. Put your business contact details, a short profile, and bold, clear call to action on the card.

Share at networking events, with current customers, and even at sales meetings. If there’s anyone who you think should know about your business, send them your digital business card anytime, anywhere.

Some cards have a tracking feature so you can receive statistics on how well they’re being shared online and what marketing platform works best for conversions.

Where can I get a digital business card?

Why right here, of course! DigiCard offers a wide range of custom digital business cards designed to suit your budget and marketing preferences. Simply browse through, select your design, upload your business info, and we’ll take care of the rest.

You’ll have your stunning virtual business card and ready to share in no time. Get in touch with us today through our contact form, to get started.