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4 Awesome Ways Minimalist Living Makes You Productive

Being productive, they say, means you have to be physically and mentally active but that is not always the case. Being productive isn’t just about getting a lot of things done, but producing quality results. The word ‘busy’ is not equal to “being productive.” In fact, there is another way of becoming productive, and it’s by adapting a minimalist lifestyle.

There is a growing trend of people that embraces a minimalist lifestyle nowadays.

Minimalism is all about living a simple life. It aims to reduce the time and energy you spend on wasteful activities so you can have more time for rewarding activities. Minimalism is founded by the belief that LESS IS MORE. Living your life this way creates a better direction to become more productive.

How does minimalism help you become productive?

Just think about decluttering, or eliminating all of the excess things in your life that consumes your time, resources, and energy. These things deprive you of the chance to spend them on more meaningful things. By getting rid of unimportant activities or stuff in your life, you can focus entirely on the essential things which help you become more productive.

Many advocates of minimalism are encouraging people to adapt to this kind of lifestyle if they want to achieve freedom, happiness, and satisfaction.

Why is minimalism such a trend nowadays?

Minimalism is a trend nowadays because its goal is simple: keep only those that spark joy in your life. If you know Marie Kondo, this line might be familiar to you. She encourages everyone to say goodbye to things that no longer excites you or give you happiness. Minimalism is a complete lifestyle change from your wardrobe, your preferred products, your technological devices, and even your diet. The simpler, the better as they say, and a lot of millennials nowadays are embracing the minimalist lifestyle.

With minimalism, you have fewer things to think of. You have fewer responsibilities, lesser chores, less decluttering, and fewer things to manage either in your home or workplace. The amount of time you saved can be used to become more productive.

Because of minimalism, you can streamline your tasks so that you can effectively manage and free up a considerable amount of time to spend on more important matters.

If you’re still skeptical, here are some valid answers we’ve compiled just for you!

1. It Makes Your Life Less Stressful

A minimalist lifestyle gives a positive impact on your health. Since you are freeing yourself from mental clutter, then you are freeing yourself from stress. Living a simple life is a lot less stressful compared to living a grandiose life.

It is impossible to eliminate stress, but a minimalist life frees up your mind from a lot of things. You’re freeing yourself from things that drain your energy which affects your outlook on life.

A less stressful person tends to become more creative which contributes to becoming more productive.

2. Helps in Reducing Your Financial Burden

A minimalist lifestyle means you choose to have less of your material possessions without depriving yourself to have what you want. Being a minimalist means you only own the necessities for your daily life while you get rid of other possessions that you are not using frequently. This way, you only spend money on what you need. Instead of going out to the movies, you choose to stay at home and stream a movie online with your loved ones, or instead of dining in a fancy restaurant, you decide to buy food that you can cook home.

You can still indulge yourself in leisure while living a minimalist lifestyle without spending a lot of money; you are just spending it wisely.

3. You Become More Creative

A messy desk doesn’t always encourage a creative mind. Most of the time, the person using that desk has a cluttered mind which affects their focus, creativity, and productivity. So, how does minimalism help boost your creativity? Try cleaning your desk first, or perhaps your entire room or your office space. Isn’t it satisfying to see that everything’s been cleaned up and organized?

How much more if you declutter your mind? With fewer things to think about, you can think and analyze better, thus making you more creative. Before you grind yourself on work or study, try freeing your mind from all the things that distract you. You can either do yoga, meditate, read a book, or go to the gym during your free time. A person who has a clear mind is not just creative but also becomes more productive.

4. You Have More Time for Everything

Being a minimalist means you know how to manage your time efficiently so there’s not a single second of your time wasted. Being a minimalist means that you are getting rid of procrastination, spending less time on social media, the internet, and TV, and focusing more on your self-growth and peace of mind

In instances where you suffer from a mental block while studying or working, don’t be afraid to take a breather. Go out of your office and breathe some fresh air, or brew some coffee to refresh your mind.

Final Thoughts

Embracing a minimalist lifestyle does not entirely mean that you have to deprive yourself of the things you love. It is just a matter of proper decision-making, setting priorities, organization, and time management.

If you master all of these, then you become more efficient in all things you do to help you become more productive.

Also, being a minimalist might mean going the zero-waste lifestyle like getting rid of those pesky cardboard business cards that don’t just consume space, but also costs you to print out!

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