Why Digital Business Cards Attract More Connections than Paper Cards

Are you one of those people who attends a party and goes home with a handful of new contacts and a pile of paper business cards? And then you start to ponder: in a world that’s going digital, are printed cards still relevant?

Many other business aspects are going or have already gone digital. However, there are still those who seem to prefer printed business cards over digital ones. Their reasons for their choices may vary but it got us questioning: is the physical type of business card better than the other?

To some business owners, going digital nowadays will give you the convenience and ease of the online world. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of printed and digital business cards–and the reasons why businesses should adapt to this change.

The creation of Digital Business cards offers various opportunities for businessmen to fully promote their brands. It is an electronic form of a business card that can be used instead of a physical card. These cards allow users to share with people who they are and what their business is all about. Its major functions include sending your cards to anyone even if they do not have the app installed on their smartphone, and recalling your business information on a digital aspect. It helps you maximize your online presence and widen your market reach.

Why should you use a Digital Business Card instead of a paper card?

For how many years, we have been using paper business cards. Basically, most paper is made from wood (tree) and the most disappointing thing is that more than 88% of business cards are thrown out a week after they’ve been used. With that, you can only imagine how many trees are cut down a day to cater those businesses.

The advantages of using digital business cards are actually limitless. For those who still want the paper cards, think about these: Can you save another person’s contact information for as long as you want? Can you include a video in a paper business card? Can you add a calendar widget in a paper business card? Can you have extensive service details in your paper business card? Unfortunately, the answer is a big NO.

Instead of still using paper for business cards, why not switch to the digital version? No more printing a hundred cards and forgetting them at home or in your office.



Disadvantages of Paper Business Cards.

Sure, your printed business cards allow you to communicate your brand with people you’d like to reconnect with in the future. They are actually a great visual reminder of who you are and the service you provide.

However, the digital life people live in demand a more functional business card. Let’s say you need to meet 100 new people in a business conference or an important event. However, only 12 people are going to keep your neatly printed business cards. Then, out of these 12, only half are likely to save your card details. Do you still think that this is cost-effective? The problem is that businesses produced too many cards daily. According to a study, about 27.4 million paper business cards are printed on a daily basis. This would be too costly for small businesses and those who are new in this field.

You can also ask yourself these questions: did you recently update your phone number, email address, or website address? Are you planning to change your business name or undergoing a full-scale rebranding? Any changes made to the contact information provided on paper business cards means that a new set of cards need to be printed up.

Also, you can only pass out as many cards as you bring since they are limited. You need to make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get them printed when you’re running low as quantities are finite.

Advantages of Using Digital Business Cards


With the use of digital business cards, you can conveniently store all your contacts, connections, and even social media accounts inside the app. Our DigiCard also supports video, audio, and branded graphics to be uploaded directly inside your card. With this unique feature, you will have the opportunity to grab a person’s attention.

There’s no need for people to download an app to get your contact details, all they need is the link or your QR code and they’ll have everything on their contact list.

Digital Business Cards are cost-effective because you don’t need to waste a lot of time reprinting another set of cards once you decide to change your business information. It will help you to save time, effort, and money.

You can change your demographics easily and quickly. Let’s say you need to change your email address, just a click and then your information is already updated. Unlike paper cards, you’ll get through the hassle of reprinting, but on the digital aspect, you can personalize it anytime on the go.

Sharing a digital business card is easier than ever before, you can send and receive your card miles away in one click. They are cost-efficient and you won’t ever have to worry about people losing your contact number. That’s a feature that paper cards will never be able to give you.

Lastly digital business cards are eco-friendly – minimalist and definitely zero-waste.

All these advantages are just one click away if only businesses are ready to fully embrace the change that our technology has offered. Exchanging information with your contacts and making new connections via Digital Business Cards will not only save both you and your connections time and energy, but it will also prevent your information from ending up in the trash.

Ready to go digital? Click here and start customizing your digital business card.