4 Ways To Build A Strong Network

You probably know the importance of having a network consisting of important people that are part of your life. A well-established network will impact you in different ways whether they are your family, friends, acquaintances, business partners, and colleagues.

You might not notice, but the technology itself passively expands our network either through social media, emails, and your smartphone’s contact list.

Having a well-established network is important especially if you want to open up a business, seek a new job opportunity, or close a sales deal. Even if you’re still finishing college, you should start building your network starting with the closest people in your circle.

Based on studies, there is about 80% of job vacancies that fail to be advertised and these are discovered through word of mouth. So, it really matters if you have an extensive network of connections and relationships with people of different backgrounds. This will provide you more opportunities to level up your career.

Networking is essential in growing a business. If you’re not a hustler in closing out business deals, then one way to help you out is utilizing your network and getting help from your connections.

Generally, networking can help you in many ways. You may have the talent, the skills, or the resources, but without connections, you will surely have a hard time showcasing it.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are having difficulties building a strong network because of various reasons. This does not mean that there isn’t a workaround for this. Here are some important tips to build a strong network.

Change Your Mindset

A lot of people work hard to build a network especially when they are actively searching for a job. This determination shouldn’t end there. You have to constantly put your game face on like you are always on the job hunt to help you build a stronger network. Try spending some time each day to reach out not just to your friends or family but to people you’ve come across before in conventions, meetings, clubs, or local job fairs. You will be completely surprised by the opportunities that may open after having small talks with them.

Keep Updated with Your Field of Interests

Keep abreast of your field of interest and see the latest trends and changes that can help you level up your expertise. Reading articles, watching videos, or checking out infographics that are relevant to your field of interest will expand your knowledge and make yourself more relevant. This way, you can start connecting and having conversations with like-minded individuals. Who knows? Your golf buddy? He might be a big-time business owner you’ll be closing a deal with.

Don’t Fail to Reconnect

Several individuals may contact you out of the blue after several years of not touching base. If that happens, your basic instinct is to avoid them considering that it is awkward to start a conversation after not seeing them for a long time. Well, that should not be your attitude. After you meet a person, always remember to keep in contact with them by handing your virtual business card and ask for theirs in return. You never know when you’ll need the help of that connection.

Utilize Social Networking Platforms

Everyone probably has their own Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even LinkedIn profiles, so it is a no-brainer to ask people you meet to connect with them through their social networking accounts, especially if you’re planning to collaborate with them. One effective way to conveniently connect with people is by handing them your electronic business card since it has features that provide them the links of your social media profiles.

Final Words

Many of us fail to sustain a very simple relationship with people we meet by not keeping their contact numbers or giving them yours. This defeats the purpose of establishing a strong network. The good thing is this can be completely avoided if you follow the tips we provided you in this blog.

You can connect to more people with our neat and professional-looking digital business card. Have more questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.