Digital Business Cards: The Effortless Way To Introduce Yourself

Honestly, who keeps a paper business card? You either let it rot in your wallet or you instantly throw it in the bin since people nowadays don’t entirely rely on this anymore. With technology, you can easily exchange numbers and emails through smartphones.

However, in the world of business, this flimsy and tiny square piece of paper can close out business deals and forge partnerships. Formally, a business card is one of the best ways to introduce yourself to a person especially if you have business dealings with them.

Paper-based business cards were still highly used in the world of business until the pandemic started, and we needed an alternative to reduce the risk of physical contact. Hence, the emergence of a digital business card.

What is a digital business card?

So, what exactly is a digital business card? It is basically an electronic “card” you make through software and every time someone asks for it, you can send its link or scan the QR code for people to save it on their contact list.

Digital business cards have more than what their predecessors can offer. This can serve as your online business profile or perhaps a portfolio that details your brand, services, and contact details.

A digital business card is just very handy compared to the stack of paper cards that you put in your pocket or wallet. Aside from saving you from a lot of added work, this is very convenient to exchange with people.

In the old days, people usually carry with them their business cards or stack them in their wallets. These days, what people always carry are their phones (since payments have also been cashless too). So a digital business card is just the perfect way to exchange contact information neatly and professionally.

Why Use a Digital Business Card?

If you’re thinking right now “why not share my social media accounts instead of using a digital business card?” Well, it takes a lot of time to share each one of them especially if you’re not just using LinkedIn, but also Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This can be too much information for the person who’s only asking for your contact details, thus a digital business card or a virtual business card will do the trick.

The main purpose of using this application or software is to merge into a single link all information you want your potential client to know. Besides your contact details, you can also add your social media profiles, services, products, and even include photos, videos, and voice recordings for an added impression and better presentation.

What are the advantages of having a digital business card?

Digital business cards can work wonders if you utilize them efficiently. To give you a broader idea, here are the key advantages that you have to take note of.

  • Can’t be discarded easily – People will more likely throw away a paper business card than keep it. Not everyone has a designated business card holder and even if they do, it would be a hassle to find them at urgent times when you need the contact number.
  • Paperless innovation – Digital business cards are environment-friendly and very sustainable. According to studies, for a hundred people using digital business cards, two trees are saved from being cut down to be processed into paper cards. Even if you’re not entirely a zero-waste consumer, imagine how much you can help Mother Earth by simply switching to this digital alternative.
  • Limitless sharing – Bringing a stack of business cards in your pocket is definitely a hassle, and you might even run out of it at the time you need it the most. Digital business cards give you the peace of mind of not running out of cards ever again since it’s installed on your smartphone. The best thing about it is there’s no cap or limit as to the number of times that you can share it with people.
  • Can be updated conveniently – Remember the days when you contact the makers of your business card to update your information and request them to print new ones? Well, that’s a thing of the past since using a digital business card lets you change anything you want or add anything you want on your profile without added costs and hassle. You won’t have to wait for a few days for your updated business card to be delivered. It only takes a few seconds or minutes to update your information.
  • Great first impression – If someone asked you if you have a business card on hand, you can simply tell them that you have a digital business card. For sure they will be impressed with this very innovative way to present yourself to people and you might catch their interest even more.
  • Opens up more opportunities – In-person meetings are now limited but that doesn’t mean you can’t expand your network. After Zoom or Google Meet meetings, you can forward the link of your DigiCard for them to save it.

Professionals have made the wise move of switching from traditional paper business cards to digital business cards. If you’re ready to make that choice, contact us and we can start making your stylish digital business card.