5 Ways To Share Your Digital Business Card

Digital business cards are made for living in today’s world — fewer in-person meetings and more Zoom conferences and Google Meetings. This means you don’t need to be in person to share your DigiCards. Here are five different ways you can share your DigiCard profile so you can close more deals.

Text Messaging

Simply go to your Text Message app and add the URL of your digital business card, then send this to people who wish to receive it. Once the recipient receives this message, he or she can simply tap the hyperlink and a default browser will open. From there, the recipient can view your DigiCard and choose the option “Add Me To Contact List” to save your contact details.


From your DigiCard screen, scroll down to the bottom and click the Mail icon. Your default mail app will open, and you’ll just have to enter the recipient’s email address and tap Send. You may also add a greeting message along with the URL of your DigiCard. Make sure to set up a default email account on your phone.

Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp)

Whatever social media network you wish to share your DigiCard, we can add it at the bottom of your DigiCard profile. From there, there’s an option to Share Your Card. All you need is to tap the social media icon. Then, the app opens from your phone, and the URL and featured photo of your profile will appear. Just add a short message caption, then click Post. Your followers can see the post on their newsfeed and on your timeline.

Facebook Messenger

Copy your DigiCard URL from the browser then go to your Messenger app. Choose a person you’d like to send your DigiCard to. You can create a group if you like. The group may be composed of your team, a batch of your webinar attendees, or maybe your friends and family. Paste the URL and send it. When they click the URL, they will be directed to your DigiCard profile page on their default browser.

QR Code

Whenever you meet someone from your grocery store run or maybe a short business meeting outside your home, the best way to share your DigiCard is by using the QR code. From your DigiCard profile, tap your profile picture. A QR code will appear. Let the other person scan this code using their Camera app. After the camera captures the code, a notification will appear saying they received a DigiCard contact. Once they click it, they will be directed to your profile on their default browser.

Sharing your DigiCard has never been easier. These different ways make it possible for you to reach more people. Sharing your DigiCard has no limits. You can even send it to multiple people at once. Just don’t forget to remind your recipients to click the “Add Me to Contact List” button so your contact details are automatically saved on their phones. Anyhow, they can view your profile anytime with the URL you sent them.

Ready to add more share buttons to your DigiCard. Just contact us.