Why You Should Invest in A Paid Digicard

The debate between whether to choose a digital business card or a physical one is nothing new. Both sides make compelling arguments, but at the end of the day, it’s safe to say that digital business cards win by providing more benefits.

Let’s look at these advantages in closer detail so you can see for yourself why investing in a digital business card is worth it. But first,

What is Digicard?

Digicard offers the perfect way to design, edit, and share electronic business cards with maximum efficiency. This app essentially allows you to create interactive landing pages that are tailored to your business, and share them across multiple channels with ease.

You decide how it looks and what kind of information you want included. More importantly, your digicard can expand your online presence and expose your business to a streamlined but proven method of lead generation.

It’s no surprise then that so many businesses and professionals have hopped on the DigiCard train. Benefits include:

1. Ease and convenience

Digital business cards exist virtually, meaning you can share them with anyone that has an internet connection. People are spending more time online so your business or professional practice should be right there too, and easy for everyone to see.

A DigiCard affords such ease and convenience. You can choose your electronic business card in minutes and have it professionally created in no time. Share them across different channels in seconds.

2. Never run out of copies

Since it’s digital, you can simply make new copies of your business card, as needed. Your clients can also share your digital business cards wherever they may be, and help promote faster referrals for your business.

3. Cheaper and minimizes waste

How many paper business cards do you have in your wallet or handbag? How many of them have you actually used? For most of us, those physical business cards are dead weight. At some point, you just look at some cards and realize they’re just taking up needless space in your wallet.

With digital business cards, however, you never have to worry about space management. It’s there whenever you need it and you don’t have to carry it around everywhere you go.

4. Contactless communicating

Contactless communication is one of the major fallouts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Physical meetings became Zoom or Skype meetings, professional networking events became online webinars and virtual ‘meet and greets.’

It’s a whole new world now, where physical handshakes are frowned upon and social distancing is the order of the day. An electronic business card can save you all these hassles and allows you to easily communicate with prospects without having to be in the same room.

5. Eco friendly

Digital business cards don’t require a single sheet of paper, which is a good thing because it means no trees need to be cut down in order to create and share them. That’s a great way to be environmentally conscious and strategically reduce your carbon footprint.

6. Make changes on the go

If you’ve been using paper business cards for some time now, then you’re probably familiar with this scenario.

Imagine working tirelessly on the design of your card and printing several thousand copies. But then you realized you needed to make some changes to the design, whether to correct a typo or to include vital, more relevant information.

With a DigiCard, you can effect these changes in a matter of minutes and at no additional cost. We can’t say the same for paper business cards.

7. Digicards support richer multimedia

Electronic business cards can support branded graphics and rich audiovisual multimedia content. This makes them more engaging and more likely to leave a lasting impression on the recipient. You’ll find that this feature will certainly come in handy when trying to expand your client base.

8. Style statement

A digital business card is essentially a statement about your sense of style. Professionally designed digicards can encapsulate your entire brand on a single page and tell your prospects that you are up to date with current trends. This can extend your online reach and further set your business up as an authority in the industry.

Ready to create your own digital business card?

On Digicard, you get access to three pricing options, all of which offer personal domains, custom designs, and unlimited edits. You can also include a voice recording to make it a more personalized experience for the recipient.

It’s easy to get started. Simply browse through our digital business card samples and pick the designs you like best. You can also talk to us about custom layouts and specific designs to include on your card. Fill out our contact form today and let us know about your electronic business card needs.