7 Habits Eco-Friendly People Follow

Being an eco-friendly person does not require and demand a lot from you whether you’re at home, at work, or at school. Once you know the ways of adapting an eco-friendly lifestyle, it’s easier for you to adjust to it.

Recently, being eco-friendly and going green has become more popular in our society. More and more people grow conscious about our environment and they start to slowly adapt to an eco-friendly lifestyle. Also, businesses play a key role in influencing people with their product choices.

By definition, eco-friendly means using products that cause no or less harm to mother earth. These products are manufactured through environment-friendly processes that contribute to conserving resources while minimizing its contribution to pollution.

Being eco-friendly also means that you devotedly practice habits that will ultimately result in a healthier living for everyone.

A lot of us are very eager to help save our planet even in the smallest ways possible. For those of you who want to completely change and lean towards an eco-friendly lifestyle, you may be wondering what’s the best starting point.

Here are the best habits you can follow to start living an eco-friendly life that will surely give tremendous benefits not just for yourself but for the environment.

1. Choosing Organic Products and Food

One of the best habits that eco-friendly people follow is by patronizing organic products and food. Organic products are a trend lately because of its health and environmental benefits. Organic agriculture in particular reduces the risks of farmers getting exposed to harmful chemicals that they use on their livestock and crops.

Organic products and food don’t contain pesticides and artificial fertilizers. Organic farming and agriculture are mainly aimed to protect the environment and the consumers’ health.

2. They Are Thrifty in Fashion

Instead of indulging in buying new clothes for fashion, eco-friendly people are very thrifty. They choose second-hand clothes and shoes that are still in good condition, and they are frequent customers at garage sales and charity shops.

They value what they already own in their wardrobe. Moreover, they also patronize clothes that are made from eco-friendly materials, and they choose naturally made materials for their clothing without sacrificing comfort.

Apart from the above, thrifty also means being very keen on practicing DIY by modifying old clothes to make it look new or repairing damaged clothes instead of throwing them away.

3. Their Source of Energy Is Renewable

Eco-friendly people save a lot on their electric bill each month for switching to renewable energy. Depending on the availability of the type of renewable energy, eco-friendly people either consume electricity from solar energy, hydro energy, wind energy, tidal energy, biomass energy, and geothermal energy.

The most available and most common source of energy is solar. It can be installed easily in a household. Depending on their local power company, different solar-powered systems are available. For those with cars, biodiesel is a safer choice.

4. They Got Rid of Papers

Eco-friendly people ditched their sticky notes from their offices and started using the to-dos app on their smartphones and computers. Aside from portability, your to-do app is also more accurate in reminding you about your schedules and tasks.

Also, eco-friendly people switched to e-statement bills for their utilities, banks, and phone companies instead of getting mails that contain thick pieces of paper that are only meant to be used once.

On top of that, eco-friendly people ditched their traditional paper business cards by replacing them with digital business cards.

Digital business cards will save you printing costs. You’ll never run out of business cards if you use e-business cards. All you need is share it to anyone with a mobile device.

5. Recycling Is Part of Their Daily Life

Eco-friendly people always have separate trash bins either at their homes or at their offices. They always have biodegradable, non-biodegradable, and recyclable pins to properly dump their trash. Although recycling has been taught in both our homes and in schools, not everyone is keen on practicing it.

There are millions of tons of plastics and non-biodegradable materials that are polluting our planet right now that is why eco-friendly people advocate the importance of recycling.

6. They Choose Eco-Tourism

Eco-friendly people choose to spend their vacations at ecological tourism sites by visiting nature reserves, marine sanctuaries, and national parks.

Most of their vacation is spent outdoors learning the importance of wildlife conservation and other environmental efforts that the locals are doing to protect their natural wonders.

Eco-tourism is a booming industry in many parts of the world and the income it generates mainly goes to the local community’s environmental efforts.

7. They Are Against the Consumerism Mindset

Unnecessary purchases and excessive consumption are just a few examples of consumerism that eco-friendly people are against. Eco-friendly people practice towards a lifestyle that is very simple and environment-friendly. Oftentimes they practice a minimalist lifestyle.

They only purchase enough for themselves and what they need; thus a wardrobe containing only the basic clothing needs.


Living an eco-friendly life is simple and easy to achieve if you have the determination to help not just yourself but Mother Nature.

You can start practicing eco-friendly habits right now! Start simple; start small by switching to a digital business card and get rid of those pesky paper business cards. Contact DigiCard right now to learn more.