8 Convincing Reasons Digital Business Cards Are a Must-Have

Digital business cards are growing more popular, and it has become more of a necessity than just an added feature to a portfolio.

Digital business cards are needed today as more people work in a remote setting, so sharing of information has evolved to become contactless.

It’s undeniable that the traditional paper business cards became part of countless success stories to many professionals. It truly served its purpose of sharing contact information especially in the corporate world.

However, times have changed and these traditional paper cards are losing their charm because of technology.

Paperless technology took over the corporate world today by embracing the trend of going digital, thus having your own digital business card will surely give you the upper hand closing deals and growing your network.

So, What Is a Digital Business Card?

Known also as an electronic or virtual business card, a digital business card is a virtual version of your contact information. Unlike paper business cards, this innovative tool to share contact information has evolved completely from the typical phone number, email address, business/profession.

How Do You Use a Digital Business Card?

One difference between a paper business card and a digital business card is that the latter can be shared in different ways. You can use your social media, email, your preferred online messenger, and other virtual communication applications or tools. Also, it comes with a lot of exciting and very useful features.

How Do You Get Your Digital Business Card?

If you’re a tech expert that can develop software or an app, creating your own digital business card is just a cakewalk, but it might cost you more. Others can have their own by using an online digital business card maker like DigiCard. With DigiCard, all you have to do is choose the design of your choice, upload your details, and check-out. We’ll send you the details of your DigiCard profile via email.

Does Paper Business Cards Become Obsolete?

Despite the growing popularity of digital business cards, its predecessor won’t go away just like that. It still holds its classification as a fancy way to introduce yourself to someone and not all people prefer the modern way. Paper business cards are still very popular at events and conventions.

But, if you’re tired of bringing a stack of paper business cards with you in your wallet, maybe it’s time to upgrade.

To help you decide, here are the most convincing reasons why a digital business card is a must-have.

1. It Is the Future

A digital business card is designed to provide professionals a more convenient way to share their contact information with less hassle. A digital business card will be saved and will stay in someone’s email or contact list unless it is deliberately deleted while a paper business card can easily get lost because of its size. It also causes a storage issue for the person that received it since it makes their wallet a lot thicker just to keep that contact information.

A digital business card meanwhile is a lot more convenient, all you need to do is email it, message it, or let the recipient scan your QR code. It’s convenient.

2. Uniquely Stands Out

Even though digital business cards are a trend today, not everyone has it, so it’s pretty easy to get someone’s attention and impress them with your well-designed digital business card. Your business partner or client might be surprised when you open your phone instead of reaching for your wallet to get a business card. The appeal and the innovation that a digital business card brings will surely impress a person in an instant.

3. Exciting Features

What makes having a digital business card exciting is its unique and useful features. You can attach any types of media with your digital business card. You can post a short video of yourself, a link to your website, your subscription lists, and social media icons that link to your profile. Your contacts might be looking for more information beyond what is written on your paper business card, so it’s very ideal to use the digital version to make sure you have better engagement with your contacts.

4. A Convenient Way To Store Information

Another significant benefit you can enjoy with a digital business card is you can store as much information as you want in a single application or software. Paper business cards are so small that it only details your basic contact info and not much more. A digital business card, on the other hand, can store your portfolio, website URLs, your social media account links, your email address, your phone number, your physical address, and other personal information that you are willing to share.

5. Easy Way To Update Your Contact Information

Paper business cards have to be re-printed and re-designed if you’re planning to update your contact information which is both costly and time-consuming. It takes up to a week or even longer depending on the queue of orders that your preferred printing press can deliver. For small businesses, it’s an unnecessary investment that they are forced to do. However, digital business cards can be updated and re-designed using your preferred app or software. It only takes a few minutes to update all your contact information minus the hassle and the cost.

6. Efficient Contact Management

Another reason a digital business card is a must-have is you can efficiently manage your contacts. Speaking about the future, digital business card makers use a technology called the Optical Character Reader. This is a scanner that can scan a digital business card through a QR code that converts it into a digital format. Your preferred app then saves the information and synchronizes it with your contact list either on your phone or computer.

7. Fully Customizable

You can’t fully customize a paper business card that is an inch bigger than a matchbox and it would be very hard to add new elements to it without paying to get fresh reprints. However, digital business cards can be accessed easily through any device where it can be customized according to your specific design to resonate with your brand or personality.

8. Environment-Friendly

Going paperless is one great way to contribute to saving our environment from further pollution. You can also help to prevent further deforestation to produce paper. A digital business card eliminates the necessity to use paper. You may think of it as a small step, but you’re already making a big difference in saving our planet by using a digital business card.

Final Thoughts

Digital business cards will continue to increase its popularity in the coming years, as we further lean towards the rapidly advancing technology, so it won’t be surprising if someone you meet uses a digital business card. Maybe it’s also the time for you to make one!

Create and impress everyone with your digital business card with DigiCard. Aside from exciting features, DigiCard enables you to create the best-quality digital business card at a very affordable price. Talk to us now!