How to Make a Digital Business Card: Different Methods to Try

Business cards have been an integral part of every profession for centuries. A traditional business card is a useful piece of paper. It shows your contact details so the person you hand it to can contact you and further your relationship.

Business cards remain as relevant today as it has been for centuries. But instead of paper, more people are now using a digital version of it.

Digital business cards are online business cards. It’s under an account you own and can log on to any time. Like it’s paper counterpart, it also has all your contact information. You can also include your resume, job portfolio, and links to your social media accounts. The amount of information is making free business card very attractive to professionals.

Why You Should Have a Digital Card

Traditional and digital business cards perform the same function. But the latter provides many advantages. Here are some of them:

  • It’s convenient. This is the biggest advantage you can get when making your own business cards free. You’ll always have your card with you as long as you have your smartphone or access to a computer.
  • Digital cards are cheaper. You won’t have to keep paying to have new cards printed.
  • It’s safer to use. You don’t have to be in close contact with a prospective client. You’re following health protocols while connecting with your audience.

How to Make a Digital Business Card

Many people wonder how to make a digital business card. The good news is the card is easy to make. You don’t have to be good at graphic arts to design your own. There are also lots of tips on how to design a card that you can follow online. But there’s no denying that a professional artist guarantees a well-designed card.

But you do have other options. Here are some methods you can try:

Making a Card Using an Online Service

There are many websites or online companies that can make a great digital business card for you. You can get the free version or you can pay a reasonable fee to have a card with more features. If you opt for the former, here’s what you should do:

  • Go to your chosen digital card company’s website and create an account. Log in.
  • Look for the ADD CARD or CREATE CARD option and click on it. You’ll see themes you can use or choices for your card’s color. Click on your preferred look.
  • Enter the personal information you want your card to show (ex. your name, company name, designation, office address, etc.)
  • You can scroll down or look for more categories. You can add social media links like your LinkedIn account or Twitter handle.
  • Click on the LOGO box and upload an image of your company’s logo. Some sites allow for the use of a video clip instead of an image.
  • Click SAVE if you’re done. You now have a digital business card that you can share.

Making a Card Using Google

You can also make a digital business card using Google. You need to have a Gmail account before you can start.

  • Log on to Gmail. Look at your screen’s top-right corner and click on the grid menu icon. Choose CONTACTS.
  • Click CREATE CONTACT from the contacts page. Choose to CREATE from the drop-down menu.
  • Fill in the fields of the information you want to show. Click on SHOW MORE for extra options. Click on the profile icon and upload your profile picture.
  • Click SAVE to create your card. You can improve it by clicking on the EDIT icon and making changes.
  • Make your card shareable by clicking on the three dots found on the left. Look for EXPORT from the menu. Select vCARD then click on export. It’s then added to your contacts. You can then send it to your contacts or prospects as an attachment.

Making a Card Using a SmartPhone

You can also use your smartphone to design your own digital card. Wondering how to create your own business cards? The best way is through a good business card creation application. You’ll find many good apps on the Apple Store or on Google Play. While the procedure varies, most apps have similar steps that are easy to follow:

  • Download and install the app.
  • Create an account and sign it. Choose CREATE MY CARD to start the process.
  • Enter your NAME and tap next. Add the relevant information that will come up. Most apps will need you to click on Next to move to the succeeding category.
  • You’ll see a prompt for a photo once all the personal information is loaded. Choose an image from your camera roll. Adjust the size or crop it. Tap on CHOOSE once you’re happy with the photo.
  • You can add more information, like your phone number or email address. You’re also required to choose or upload a LOGO. Scroll down to see what other information you can add (ex. social media accounts).
  • Tap SAVE when you’re done. There’s also an EDIT function if you want to change something.

Some apps will also give you the option to make two cards – business and personal. It will use the same information you gave during the setup stage. But you can use different profile pictures and logos for each. You can also edit the information on your personal card.

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